Evel Knievel crash helmet up for auction

It has the words “color me lucky” printed on it, but one can argue if it really was.

The motorcycle helmet that Evel Knievel wore when he jumped 13 buses in front of 70,000 fans in London’s Wembley Stadium in 1975 is being offered for sale at an upcoming Profiles in History auction in Calabassas, Calif., that runs Dec. 15-16th.

The stuntman cleared the buses, but came up short on the landing ramp and crashed, breaking his hand and pelvis and crushing a vertebrae as he fell from his bike, which slammed into him as they slid to a halt on the stadium floor on live TV. His head was uninjured in the fall.

After laying motionless for a few moments, Knievel came to his feet, telling “Wide World of Sports” reporter Frank Gifford, “I walked in, I want to walk out.”

Scrapes from the impact are still visible on the Bell full face helmet, which is decorated with Knievel’s signature red, white and blue stars in stripes motif and has his name written in gold across the front.

The auction house estimates the helmet could go for up to $80,000. One of Knievel’s leather suits is also being offered at the event.

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