Elon Musk's The Boring Company wants to tunnel into your garage

Elon Musk’s Tesla electric cars are designed to help clean the outside air, but he also has a project that could mean you’ll never have to breathe it again.

The Boring Company, Musk’s cutely-named tunneling startup, has received permission to pursue the construction of a car elevator connecting the garage of a small, single-story home it purchased in Hawthorne, Calif., to the fanciful high speed subterranean ‘Loop’ transportation system it is constructing under the street in front of it. Blueprints submitted to the city council describe how it plans to pull this off within the densly-packed neighborhood.

The test home was recently purchased by The Boring Company.

The test home was recently purchased by The Boring Company. (Google Street View)

The Loop is being developed to use high speed sleds to carry various vehicles at speeds of up to 150 mph. Along with the 2-mile-long test tunnel outside Musk’s SpaceX headquarters, The Boring Company is looking to build one that connects Dodger Stadium with western Los Angeles and another that runs from Chicago’s O’Hare airport to downtown.

Referencing the elevator project, Musk tweeted that “@theboringcompany will transport your car all the way into your garage.” The suggestion is that anyone who lives next to a Loop line will be able to install one in their home and enter the system without ever having to go outside. Streetside public elevators are also envisioned.

The Boring Company hasn’t said when the elevator will be finished and ready to demonstrate, but the main test Loop is scheduled to be completed sometime this year.