Apparently the roads of the future will have no bumps.

The ground-hugging Dawn electric car concept is a vision of the future, courtesy of Valmet Automotive. The Finnish automaker is most famous of late as the manufacturer of the Fisker Karma extended-range electric sedan.

Looking like the vehicular equivalent of the single-cell, mind-controlling parasites the crew of the starship Enterprise fought on the planet Deneva, the single-seat Dawn is a showcase of the firm’s EV engineering prowess as it looks to expand its business around the world.

The driver of the dawn is placed next to a centrally-mounted battery pack, while a large electric motor stands proudly exposed at the rear like the internal combustion engine race cars of old. Wheels, if there actually are any, are shrouded in streamlined bodywork.

An induction pad adorned with a coil design sits between two pincers at the front of the car and offers wireless recharging, and a menacing look.

Details on the Dawn’s specifications or projected performance have not been revealed as it was mainly designed to attract attention for the company at the Geneva Motor Show where it is currently on display.

Please try not to step on it.

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