A New Zealand man was convicted for car theft, drunk driving and burglary this week after being discovered by police in a stolen car that was filled with purloined meat.

Michael Richard Renton was arrested in the city of Dunedin in August after he and an accomplice raided the communal kitchen at an RV park and made off with $86 worth of meat owned by one of the guests.

According to the Otago Daily Times, the pair apparently bit off more than they could chew, or at least carry, because they made off in an unlocked Nissan they found nearby.

When they were pulled over, a breathalyzer found Renton to be over twice the legal limit for alcohol, and police later learned that he had a rap sheet filled with dozens of convictions for burglary and various car crimes.

The judge presiding over his case described the recidivist as stuck in a rut but didn’t waste any time sticking him back in jail for 15 months, revoking his license for six and ordering him to pay back $150 to the meat owner and to a liquor store he’d stolen a few drinks from in April.