Drone captures drag racer's flight through the air in Georgia

Stevie “Fast” Jackson was able to walk away from a scary drag racing crash in Georgia last weekend.

According to Top Gear, Jackson was racing DeWayne “Big Daddy” Mills in third round eliminations of the “No Mercy 7” drag racing event when things went terribly wrong.

Early on down the strip, the front end of Jackson’s Fox Body Mustang, called the “Shadow,” lifted up in the air. Jackson kept his foot in it and the car got airborne.

Fortunately, gravity came back into play before Shadow was able to reach the drone, although it did create a scary moment for a nearby marshal who had to jump back as the Mustang hit the concrete barrier.

Jackson’s Mustang then slid down the rest of the strip upside-down before coming to a stop and catching fire.

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Medics arrived quickly on the scene, but Jackson was in no hurry to wait around. He clambered out and then darted away from his car, taking one of the medics down. Fortunately, she was able to get back up quickly.

“It was pretty hairy,” Jackson reflected. “I’ve piled some stuff up but that was about the hairiest one. Being on fire’s tough.”

Jackson added that he had changed his approach to safety after witnessing a scary crash last year.

“I put on everything that you can wear so all of the safety stuff and all of the prep did exactly what it was supposed to.”

As for the car, Jackson had been looking to sell it before the incident anyhow. Unfortunately, it’s value probably just decreased a bit.

“It was for sale, it’s still for sale, it’s just cheaper now,” said Jackson.