Driver survives terror crash with two trucks

Look before you leap, or change lanes.

I driver in Belgium learned that lesson the hard way when she crossed two lanes to make an exit, passed a tractor trailer, and crashed into another standing still in traffic in the right lane.

Although she swerved to avoid it, she was too late, and as if things weren’t bad enough already, her wrecked Ford Focus was deflected back into the center lane and broadsided by another truck fitted with a dash cam that caught the entire incident on video.

Amazingly, the woman survived, despite the car ending up in a crumpled ball. In an interview with HLN.BE she says she broke two vertebrae and her hand and fell into a light coma, but expects to fully recover.

The video, posted by the Polish truck driver that captured it, has gone viral on Facebook, with over 100,000 shares and 5 million views across social media so far.