Driver gets $1,000 fine for three-block burnout

“It’s going to be very expensive, man. Just letting you know.”

And he wasn’t kidding.

That’s what a police officer told the driver of a 1989 to 1994-era Nissan Skyline GT-R that he pulled over in Ocean City, NJ, at the end of a three-block long burnout it did down a public street.

The entire [NSFW] incident was streamed on Facebook Live by the car’s passenger, who told Jalopnik that the driver was fined $1,000 for the stunt.

In the video, the car can be seen passing many onlookers and several other sports cars at what appears to be an enthusiast meet up, before the police cruiser shows up in its side view mirror with the siren blaring and lights blazing.

The driver of the Skyline quickly pulls over, and the officer approaches the vehicle on the left-hand side to discover that the driver is seated on the right-hand side of the Japanese market vehicle.


After the officer heads back to his car to write him up, the driver mentions several modifications, including tinted windows and a custom suspension, which he figures he’ll be cited for along with any reckless driving charges.

The R32 Skyline is actually an all-wheel-drive car that’s not really capable of doing a burnout, but many owners have figured out how to modify the fuse box to allow it to operate in a rear-wheel-drive mode.