Drift racing dad builds his own amazing racetrack around home

Owning a private race track is every car enthusiast dream, and Takeshi Teruya is living it.

Even though his track may be the shortest one in the world.

The drift racer built the curvy 130-meter circuit around his home and garage in Hamilton, New Zealand so he could practice his moves whenever he wants.

The Japanese ex-pat told The New Zealand Herald he constructed it for just $10,000 with recycled asphalt and the help of his neighbors, who all happen to be motorheads and were happy to help.

Dubbed the Drift Driveway, it features two 180-degree curves connected by winding ‘straights’ and passes precariously close to the buildings in a couple of spots.

The 37-year-old mechanic’s wife thinks he’s a little crazy.

"Who in the right mind builds a race track around your own house?" she told the newspaper.

"He's a dad, but it seems like he hasn't grown up."

Nevertheless, she says the kids probably get more use out of it with their scooters and bikes than he does with his Nissan drift car.

"He really doesn't drift very often at home, and we really don't mind the noise," a neighbor said.