Domino's delivery vehicle contest winner revealed

Domino’s and Local Motors have announced the winner their joint contest to design the pizza delivery vehicle of the future.

Anej Kostrevic of Slovenia took the top spot and $10,000 prize with a single-seat minicar called Pack, while American Phil Hall came in second with his Ford Ranger-based XD2.

Kostrevic’s front-wheel-drive concept was designed to be powered by a tiny two-cylinder Fiat or one-liter three-cylinder Ford engine, the latter set to debut in the U.S. market Fiesta next year.

Along with slide out refrigerated boxes for drinks and salads next to the driver and under the cargo compartment the tall, narrow vehicle has room for what looks like about 50 pies. There’s also a LCD display on the back door for advertising and an oversized touchscreen navigation system.

Along with building its own high-performance off-roader, Local Motors offers an online crowdsourcing platform that has been tapped by a number of automobile manufacturers and other companies to develop new ideas for products.

Kostrevic’s basic design will now go through several more phases to further develop its packaging, interior and exterior look before a fully running prototype is built next year. But as far as Domino’s delivery vehicles of the future are concerned it could get beat to the punch.

In July, Domino’s became the first customer for Mississippi startup Greentech Automotive, which makes neighborhood electric vehicles. Company Chairman Terry McAuliffe reporting that the pizza chain committed to ordering several of the $15,500 battery powered cars for as many as 20 of its outlets when production begins in 2013.