A motorcyclist was impaled on a metal spike from his own bike - and shocking video shows surgeons pulling it out of his body.

Kanubhai Khodabhai Bhil, 38, was speared by an iron rod which was attached near the suspension of his bike for "aesthetics".

He was thrown from his bike when he swerved to avoid an animal and the spike went through his chest and abdomen.

Gory pictures show the spike just sticking through his skin on the other side.

Doctors at Ahmedabad Hospital in India performed a two-and-a-half-hour surgery to save his life.


Mr Bhil, from Patan, Gujarat, India, said: "I was taken to the nearest hospital but looking at the seriousness of the case, I was referred to the civil hospital.

"I am lucky that I survived.

"It is a second chance at life for me.

"Only three days after the surgery, I was even allowed to eat food."

Dr Hitendra Desai, assistant professor of surgery, added: "This was one of the rarest surgery we had performed.

"The rod has crossed left side of the chest extending to abdomen and passed through the vital structure of the abdomen.

Doctors said the man will make a full recovery.