Did J-Lo Fake it for Fiat?

We all know Jenny is from the block, but has she been there recently?

The Smoking Gun is reporting that singer/dancer/actress Jennifer Lopez filmed her scenes for a Bronx-themed commercial for the Fiat 500C subcompact on the other side of the country in Los Angeles.

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Although J Lo’s voiceover never specifically says where she is, the press release for the commercial called “My World” says she is “seen driving a Fiat 500 Cabrio as she travels through the streets of Manhattan where she grew up.” The first word she speaks, “here” coincides with the word “Bronx” spray painted on a wall as seen from a car passing by.

Sources tell the website that L.A.-based digital production studio Big Block worked with Michigan advertising agency Doner to produce the spot. It is one of a series of advertisements for the automaker featuring Ms. Lopez that have been met with mixed reviews from industry analysts.

Responding to the report, Fiat issued the following statement to FoxNews.com:

“Both FIAT commercials featuring Jennifer Lopez were indeed filmed in the Bronx as well as outside locations. As you may know, in today’s world, people are increasingly mobile and their work takes them to a variety of locations. As a result, we took the opportunity to film wherever Ms. Lopez was working at the time to accommodate her schedule. The commercial tells the story of how the simple elements of our upbringing can help explain who we are, where we’re going and serve as a source of inspiration to achieve our goals in life. One does not need to be in a specific location to be inspired or continue to be inspired.”

The news comes just a day after the company replaced the North American Head of the Fiat Brand, Laura Soave, with Timothy Kuniskis, who was formerly the Director for both the Chrysler Brand and Fiat Brand Product Marketing.

Having returned to the U.S. market earlier this year after a two-decade absence, the Italian brand has been struggling to reach its stated goal of selling 50,000 cars here by the end of 2011. Through October sales stood at just 15,826 as the company continues to ramp up a network of 139 dealerships nationwide.

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