'Deadpool 2' stunt driver Andrew Comrie-Picard reveals tricks of the trade

Hollywood stuntman and off-road racer Andrew Comrie-Picard half-jokes that pursuing a career as a professional driver is a “terrible choice for anyone,” but he’s certainly made the most out of it.

He’s won races, hosted TV shows and driven for countless commercials and films. But his latest on-screen wheel work can be seen in “Deadpool 2,” which he says was an enormous production.

And a dangerous one. Motorcycle racer Joi Harris was killed during the making of the movie when a reportedly straightforward stunt went wrong and she was thrown from her bike. It was her first time riding for a film.


Comrie-Picard made it through the production without injury, relying on skills that he crafted driving pickup trucks around the farm he grew up on in Alberta, Canada, starting when he was seven years old.

Now, he often has to drive cars around imaginary obstacles that are added in later with CGI, while executing difficult, choreographed moves that are sketched out ahead of time using matchbox cars.

Comrie-Picard shared a few more tricks of the trade and secrets of the making of “Deadpool 2” with Fox News that you can hear about in the video above.