Daring gang caught stealing from mail trucks traveling at 50 mph

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In a scene straight out of “The Fast and The Furious,” a gang of crooks in Sweden were caught on camera breaking into tractor trailers as they were driving down the highway at 50 mph.

Four Romanian men were arrested for the crimes, which occurred in September.

The trucks belonged to PostNord, the Swedish-Danish postal service, which had seen a rash of thefts of electronic goods along a stretch of highway ─ totaling more than $300,000 ─ and came up with a clever way to investigate: it equipped several vehicles with live cameras that could be watched on a tablet by a security team from a remote location.

During one run, they witnessed the rear door being opened and two men jumping into the trailer from the hood of a car driving closely behind it. Finding nothing of value, they exited the same way.

In a similar incident, the team contacted the driver of the truck to have it slow down as it was intercepted by police.

The Associated Press reported that the four Romanians were given sentences of 18-21 months and will be expelled from the country upon their release from prison.