Danica Patrick rang in 2019 with a $122,004 payday.

The retired racer sold her 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo through a Bring A Trailer auction that closed on New Year’s Eve.

(Bring A Trailer)

Patrick purchased the silver coupe in 2006 and only added around 1,750 miles to its 7,450-mile tally, despite it being the only car she owned. She told The Street in 2017 that it had been sitting in storage for years and that she drove a Ford Expedition SUV that the automaker loaned to her as a member of its racing team.

“I’m not really a car person,” she said.

Patrick elaborated on a The Joe Rogan Experience podcast last January that the main reason she didn’t drive the Gallardo much was that it didn’t have a cupholder, and that she preferred practical cars to sporty ones.

(Bring A Trailer)

“Cars are like purses for me,” she told Rogan. “I just need one nice one, and when it wears out, I’ll get a new one.”

And now she has plenty of spare cash to do just that.