Cops find three migrants hidden in specially built compartment under car

Incredible video shows the moment three migrants are found inside a specially-built compartment under a car trying to sneak into Spain.

Border cops pull the men, aged in their early 20s, out of their ingenious hiding places as the car attempts to cross from Morocco into the North African Spanish territory of Melilla.

Footage and pictures released by the authorities show how the migrants hid in the custom-built compartments under the car and dashboard.

Police said the vehicle was stopped after an officer patrolling the border area saw a young man getting out and running back towards Morocco.

They then searched the car, finding the men – from Guinea in West Africa – concealed inside and showing signs of hypothermia.

The driver, a 25-year-old Moroccan, was later apprehended and detained, while the migrants were taken to the Centre for Temporary Stay of Immigrants (CETI).

The route is a popular one for people trying to get into the EU, as it is the only land crossing between Africa and a European country.

Police say there are networks of people smugglers offering passage across the border for large sums of money.

But despite being aware of this, they cannot search every car trying to cross because of concerns over queue sizes.

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