Chevy Volt Named Most Fuel Efficient Car of the Past 25 Years

Take that Toyota Prius.

The Chevrolet Volt has been named the most fuel efficient car of all time by the Environmental Protection Agency. Well, at least since 1984.

On a list that excludes pure electric vehicles, the 60 MPG combined Volt beat the 53 MPG first generation Honda Insight and current 50 MPG Prius for top honors. Chevy’s Sprint ER from 1986 and the 1989 Geo Metro rounded out the top five at 48 MPG and 47 MPG, respectively.

Unlike the Prius and Insight, the plug-in Volt operates as an electric car for 35 miles before its gasoline engine starts up to generate power for the electric motors and provide torque to help propel the car.

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The Volt also placed fourth on a list of all vehicles for the 2012 model year, which is topped by the 112 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) Mitsubishi i electric car. The 99 MPGe Nissan Leaf and 62 MPGe Azure Dynamics Ford Transit Connect Electric are second and third, with the Prius slotting in at number five, highest of all non-plug-in vehicles. At least until next year.

That’s when a new plug-in version of the Prius goes on sale, and some experts think it could hit 60 MPG when the EPA gets its hands on it.

Volt, you’ve been warned.

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