Chevrolet Corvette impaled by flying Florida highway sign

A Florida driver had a close call on New Year’s Eve when a highway signpost flew through the air and impaled the rear window of his Chevrolet Corvette.


The man, who identified himself as Malcom, was entering I-95 in Hallandale Beach when the merge sign slammed into his car.

“I didn’t even see it. It just happened really fast,” Malcom told WSVN.

"I was coming onto the interstate, the sign went airborne. I guess it was already airborne. I didn't even know."

Police said another car ahead of him ran into the sign and sent it into the air, causing at least five other crashes as cars tried to avoid it.


None of the drivers or passengers was seriously injured in the incident, and the damage to Malcom’s Corvette was mostly restricted to the rear window, which covers an empty cargo compartment. The needed repairs could’ve been much worse if he’d been driving the upcoming 2020 Corvette, which features a mid-engine design that places the V8 motor right where the pole hit.