Car stolen in Miami found in Washington two days later

Anyone know where Burt Reynolds is?

A car reportedly stolen in Miami on June 30th was found 3,400 miles away near the Canadian border in Washington state on July 2nd, The Bellingham Herald reports.

Police found the 2012 Jeep Patriot parked outside of a bank in the city of Blaine, its Florida license plates catching their attention. There were clothes inside and damage to the front fender.

No suspects have yet been identified or any motive to the trip determined, but the speed at which the car apparently made the trip brings to mind the crime caper movie, "The Cannonball Run."

According to Google Maps, the trip would take around 50 hours nonstop at the speed limit, which indicates the perp or perps were likely traveling faster than that much of the way, further deepening the mystery as to how and why it ended up in Blaine.

Or not.

A public information officer for the Blaine PD tells it has unconfirmed witness reports that the Jeep was already parked there on June 30th, calling into question the accuracy of the original stolen car report filed with the Miami police department.

In any event, officials believe the car may have been abandoned in Blaine by individuals illegally crossing the border into Canada, which is a relatively common occurrence in the city.

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