Car nearly folds in half after driving off freeway, crashing into utility pole

A man died after he drove off of a Sacramento, Calif. freeway and hit a utility pole Friday morning, the state’s highway patrol said.

The car landed on its roof on the road below, killing one person later identified as Arthur Johnson, 58, FOX40 reported.

The force of the crash was so intense that it ‘folded the car practically in half,” the station reported.

Authorities said Johnson was the only occupant.

"The way the pole is sheared at the base and the way the car is crushed suggests nothing more than just speed," California Highway Patrol spokesman Mike Zerfas told FOX40.

The crash caused commuting delays. Workers with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District are working to repair the pole.

"The impact was so significant it wouldn’t have mattered if that pole was set yesterday. It would have snapped,” Chris Capra, a spokesman for the utility, told the station.