Cadillac's video rearview mirror sees all

Cadillac’s new flagship sedan will have plenty of room for passengers in the rear seat, and can also make them disappear.

The automaker has announced that the 2016 CT6 full-size luxury four-door will feature a new type of rearview mirror that can switch between a traditional reflective surface and a video screen embedded within.

The monitor gets a feed from a camera mounted at the rear of the car, so it can provide a wider field of vision that isn’t blocked by people or cargo in the car. The lens is designed with a special surface that repels water and dirt, and Cadillac says the image is enhanced during nighttime driving.

It operates in a similar way to the Smart Rearview Mirror unveiled by Nissan in concept form earlier this year, but Cadillac has received 10 patents for its in-house design.

The CT6 is expected to make its debut at the 2015 New York International Auto Show in April.