Cadillac Builds a Near Theft-Proof Escalade

If you own a Cadillac Escalade there’s a good chance you won’t tomorrow.

According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, the luxury SUV has the highest theft frequency of any vehicle, with claims made on more than 10 out of every 1,000 sold. (For comparison, the Escalade's polar opposite, the Toyota Prius is near the bottom of the list at a rate of .8 cars per 1,000.)

Although this reputation hasn’t seemed to hurt sales of the pricey but popular ride too much, Cadillac has announced a slew of modifications to the 2012 model intended to make it nearly theft-proof.

Along with updated electronic key encryption, the latest Escalade gets a strengthened steering column lock, new wheel locks to protect its expensive rims, and an available inclination sensor that that sets off the alarm if the angle of the parked car changes as it is being lifted or towed. There’s also an enhanced “shock sensor” option that can detect if a window has been broken into, to help prevent grab and go thefts.

Of course if all else fails, the Escalade also comes equipped with GM’s subscription OnStar telematics system, which can track the location of a stolen vehicle and disable it remotely.

Cadillac says that “combined, these technologies comprise one of the most-extensive sets of theft-deterrent measures available for this type of vehicle and meet or exceed security specifications among global vehicle security analysts”

Of course they left out one thing that many of the Escalade’s high profile and net worth owners add as an aftermarket option:

A bodyguard.

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