He’s decided not to hack it anymore.

A man believed to be Britain’s oldest taxi driver has retired at 85.

Barrie George began driving a cab in Canterbury in 1993 out of boredom after retiring as a telecom engineer. The 5-foot, 4-inch tall driver became known around town for sitting on a cushion to help see out of his cars.


"People would say 'that must be Barrie because we can't see who's driving,'” he told SWNS.

Barrie said he enjoyed talking to his customers, but stuck to “family type stuff” in conversations.

"I had a policy of avoiding talking about politics, sport or religion because that can easily end up getting a bit heated," he said.

The married father of two said he looks forward to spending time with his 10 grandchildren, but isn’t completely done with automobiles yet. He said he loves visiting “car boot sales,” a type of flea market popular in the U.K.

“Pam [his wife] has to put up with me bringing home all sorts but I can never resist a bargain."

George's longevity behind the wheel came up a little bit short of New York's most enduring cabbie of recent years, Johnny 'Spider' Footman, who kept working until his death at 94 in 2013.