BMW designed a lightweight camper with The North Face's new high-tech fabric

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The camper of the future can breathe.

(The North Face)

BMW's Designworks division has designed a tent trailer using a new fabric developed by The North Face called Futurelight that it says is the “most advanced, breathable, waterproof material.”


It’s made through a process known as nanospinning, which creates nano-sized holes the fabric that keep water out, but allow air to permeate. According to The North Face, it’s lighter and more packable than traditional breathable waterproof materials.


BMW says the design of the concept vehicle was inspired by a fabric-covered concept car it once made called Gina, and equipped the trailer with a couch, table and enough room for two to sleep in. It rides on a carbon fiber frame and two airless wheels that can’t go flat.


There are no plans to put it into production, but the first clothing made from Futurelight will be available later this year.