Best cars for Pi Day

If you’re looking for an automotive way to celebrate Pi Day, 3/14, you could buy a BMW 314, but since it was never sold in the United States, that could be tough.

Instead, if you have some spare cash lying around, how about spending exactly $31,415 of it on a new car? It’s not as hard as it sounds. has dug up five vehicles currently listed for that amount. They’re not the most diverse group – three crossovers (Nissan Rogue, Jeep Cherokee, Hyundai Tucson,) a sedan (Ford Fusion,) and a full-size van (Chevy Express) -- but try to do better yourself, Archimedes.

Of course, if none of them suit you, or that kind of money is too much to spend on a lark for a dubious holiday, you could always go for a classic and pick up a toy version of Finn McMissile from the movie “Cars 2.”

The Aston Martin-inspired spy car wears the license plate 314 FMCM. That isn’t a tribute to the mathematical constant, but to the birth date of the actor that gives the character his voice, Michael Caine, which is March 14th.