'Bad Habit' breaks monster truck jump record with 237.5-foot leap

Now that’s what we call big air.

Driver John Sylvester has broken the monster truck jump record with a ramp to ramp leap of 237 feet 6 inches in is “Bad Habit” Cadillac Escalade.

The 12-foot wide truck weighs 10,200 pounds, rides on 5.5-foot tires and is powered by a 1,400 hp supercharged 540 cubic inch Chevy engine.

Sylvester set the record once before in 2010 with a 208-foot jump, and broke the existing record by nearly 25 feet.

Unintentionally the showman, he stuck the landing…on the nose, then ended up driving through the low-hanging branches of a tree.

The new mark awaits certification by the Guinness organization, according to Road and Track, but the video is evidence enough for us…that this guy’s got guts.