Baby Jeep confirmed for 2014

Perhaps they can call it the Cherokino?

Jeep CEO Mike Manley has confirmed that the off-road automaker will introduce a new Fiat-based subcompact SUV in the United States next year, Edmunds reports.

Manley says the car will be built on a subcompact Fiat platform, but did not specify which one. It will be manufactured in Italy for global sale, and will serve as the replacement for both the Jeep Compass and Patriot.

The yet-to-be named vehicle will be about the size of the recently introduced Fiat 500 L crossover, but will offer all-wheel-drive. Diesel models will be available overseas, but the U.S. version will have a gasoline engine.

Fiat currently sells the Panda 4X4 in global markets, but it is even smaller than the vehicle expected next year.

Then again, if this baby Jeep thing catches on, the opposite of the sky is the limit.