Baby born in truck dealership parking lot

A Jacksonville truck dealership may have won a customer for life, but it will have to wait until 2031 to make a sale.

Only Used Trucks office manager Melissa Bomar helped deliver a baby in the store’s parking lot on October 14 when a car pulled in with a woman in labor on board.

The woman was on the way to the hospital with her husband when her water broke. She wasn’t yet in labor, and it was two weeks before her due date, Bomar told

After calling 911, Bomar and another person grabbed some towels and lent the husband a hand as the woman began to give birth in the front seat of her Kia Sportage. The baby boy was delivered into the arms of his father, who sucked the fluid out of the newborn’s mouth, per instructions from 911. Well, the clearing the mouth part. It sounds like dad got creative with the technique.

Bomar and he then tried to make the baby cry to ensure that it was breathing properly by fiddling with his legs and feet, something she said she learned when she had a premature child of her own.

Told they should tie off the umbilical cord, they were foiled by the fact that they were all wearing slip on shoes without laces, but the paramedics arrived just in time to take care of that and whisk mother and son to the hospital, where everyone was deemed healthy, and the child, Alix Xavier, weighed in at 8 pounds and measured 20 inches, according to Fox 30 Jacksonville.

Bomar says Alix's grandmother stopped by to thank her over the weekend, and that the family plans to bring him by soon. Unfortunately for the sales department, he won't be able to drive until he's 15. But maybe mom and dad can use a new dually before then?