This has to be the Lorax's worst nightmare.

Australian lumber processing equipment specialist Whitlands Engineering has built a V8-powered chainsaw, complete with semi truck-style smokestack exhausts.

The 253 cubic-inch engine comes from GM’s Australian division, Holden, and can cut its way through a nearly two-foot wide hardwood trunk like it’s not even there.

</p> <p><a href="http://video.carsguide.com.au/2429180352/Holden-V8-chainsaw-is-an-Aussie-muscle-axe" target="_blank">VIDEO: Holden V8 chainsaw is an Aussie muscle axe</a></p> <p>

The heavy-duty trimmer is mounted on a custom wheeled rack because it’s obviously a little heavy to lift for anyone not named Paul, and features a 1:1 ratio right-angle drive to get power from the crank to the chain.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to pick one up to clear out a little overgrowth in the backyard this spring, you’re out of luck.

According to CarsGuide.com.au, it’s only a demonstration model and isn’t destined for production, but a little lumberjack can dream.