Anthony Mackie has awkward exchange with TV reporter at Formula One race

Sky Sports F1 analyst Martin Brundle has once again learned an invaluable lesson about live TV after a supremely awkward exchange with Avengers star Anthony Mackie.

(Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

One of the most knowledgeable presenters in the sport, the former F1 driver-turned-commentator effortlessly interviews all the big players in F1, often asking the tough questions.

But it’s a more difficult proposition when you’re interviewing high profile fans who may not be as acquainted with a Sky Sports presenter.

That seems to have been the case with Mackie.

The star, who plays the role of Falcon and is set to take over the mantel of Captain America, seemed baffled as Brundle chased him through the pits.


When he caught up, Mackie appeared to be trying to ignore the 60-year-old commentator but after he was asked to pose for a photo in front of one of the Ferraris, Brundle struck, but probably wished he hadn’t.

Martin Brundle: “Quick word for Sky F1 — you’re a petrol head, I’ve seen you around F1 before, you like driving?”

Anthony Mackie: “I do.”

MB: “Good stuff, a bit of racing?”

AM: “I’ve always loved racing.”

MB: “A movie coming out this year, Captain America?”

AM: “Yep, shooting it this year, be out next year.”

Note for Marvel fans: Mackie was likely referencing The Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV show for Disney’s streaming service.

MB: “You’re a man of few words but good seeing you on the grid.”

As he was walking away, Brundle was very self-aware of the awkwardness of the exchange.

“Oh well, wasted a few seconds didn’t it,” he said.

Brundle chased down Max Verstappen ahead of an incredible race with Lewis Hamilton with the defending F1 champion coming up with the goods in an incredible comeback performance.

Many fans were quick to come to the defense of Brundle with some lashing out at Mackie’s attitude, while others hit back at Brundle for sticking a microphone in his face without warning.

Both sides have a point with the moment a perfect mix of cringeworthy goodness.

It’s not the first time Brundle has had a nightmare exchange with a celebrity, however.

In 2016 at the U.S. Grand Prix, Brundle was speaking with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey before trying to have a chat with tennis star Venus Williams.

Only the tennis champion didn’t want a bar of it, leaving the Sky Sports presenter trying to fill time.

Williams didn’t just tell him no, she just seemed to ignore him.

“That’s a firm no, isn’t it?” he said as he walked away.

Oh, the joys of live TV.

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