Airport valet caught speeding at 145 mph

An airport valet has lost the license his job depends on after being caught driving more than double the speed limit on a road near Heathrow Airport.

At least he was in his own car.

Navdeep Singh Randhawa, 31, was clocked going 145 mph in a high-performance BMW M6 through a 70 mph zone on the M4 highway, SWNS reported.


Randwawa was sentenced in absentia when he failed to appear in court after sending a letter pleading for leniency several weeks ago.

The M6 cost $125,000 in the U.K. (BMW)

“I’m regretful of my behavior on the road - I’m currently going through a divorce, my marriage is breaking down and I’m going through a depression,” he wrote. “I’ve lost my business so I’m financially struggling and my behavior towards myself is not good."

“Please accept my sincere apologies for my mistake - I work as an airport parking driver and if I lose my license I will have no work.”

With six previous points on his record, the court suspended Randawa’s license for 1 year and charged him a total of £650 in fines and court costs, saying his high speed was one “not many courts will have seen before.”