A manure truck backed into a McDonald's and it didn't stink

It’s the best thing he picked up all day.

A contractor driving a manure spreader pulled into a McDonald’s Drive-Thru in York, U.K., last week to grab a drink at the way back to the company yard, and showed off his skills doing it.

Sam Wake, 18, had to back the heavy equipment up to the take-out window because the vehicle’s door was on the wrong side for the lane, which was set up for cars with steering wheels on the right side.

He wasn’t even the main driver. His coworker, Rob Campey, pulled into the parking lot with the intention of going into the restaurant, but Wake thought he’d give the employees a laugh, so he jumped in and took it around while Campey filmed the stunt.

Wake ordered a $1.50 soda, and a McDonald’s spokesperson told SWNS that they had no problem serving him since it was a street-legal vehicle.

The crew then left for their hour-ride home.