200 mph Chevy Corvette AeroWagon ready to haul?

Callaway's radical AeroWagon Corvette is headed for production, according to the latest buzz.

First unveiled last March, CarBuzz reports that Callaway will begin converting 2014 Corvette Stingrays into AeroWagons.

The C7 Corvette had barely moved off the Detroit Auto Show stand before Reeves Callaway and company came up with this sleek design.

The AeroWagon is a Corvette Stingray shooting brake; a coupe with the tail end of a wagon. Think of it as a budget American alternative to the Ferrari FF, or the equally custom Aston Martin-based Bertone Jet.

The result is a car that looks amazingly like an OEM vehicle; the rear hatch's lines blend seamlessly with those of the rest of the car.

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    The rear hatch features carbon fiber components made using Callaway's proprietary Resin Transfer Molding process, so it shouldn't add much weight to the 'Vette.

    The cost of the conversion is expected to be around $15,000, plus another $1,500 for matching the body color.

    Callaway originally quoted a 200 mph top speed for the AeroWagon, but that doesn't seem possible with the stock Corvette powertrain. The 6.2-liter V-8 only has so much to give.

    To reach 200 mph, the AeroWagon will likely need some more power--Chevy hasn't revealed the Stingray's top speed just yet. Performance parts like the supercharger Callaway is reportedly developing for the Stingray would take care of that.