Israeli police detain settler rabbi who wrote book permitting killing of non-Jews

JERUSALEM (AP) — Police say they have detained a West Bank settler rabbi over a contentious religious book that discusses when it is permissible for Jews to kill non-Jews.

Rabbi Yosef Elitzur-Hershkowitz, who co-authored "Teachings of the king" in 2009, was questioned on suspicion of incitement to racism, among other charges, police said in a statement Thursday.

In the 230-page book, authors conclude that the biblical commandment "thou shalt not kill" applies only to a Jew who might kill a Jew, but babies and children of Israel's enemies are acceptable targets, and an individual can carry out an attack alone.

The content reflects the extreme views of some Jewish settlers. More moderate Orthodox Jews denounce the book.

Several rabbis have ignored summons to police interrogation.