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West Bank

Israel , Palestinians Back at Bargaining Table

Victory for White House Mideast peace efforts as both sides agree to meet in Washington

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  1. New Revelations on Mideast Peace Process

    Internal Palestinian documents spark anger

  2. Objective Reporting

    Should international journalists be banned from the Gaza Strip? Mike Tobin weighs in

  3. 'This Must Stop'

    Former Palestinian Authority minister calls for 'immediate intervention' from international community in Mideast conflict

  4. Pursuit of 'True Peace'

    Israeli Cabinet minister: We are adamant about brining real change in Gaza

  5. Focus on Tomorrow

    Palestinian journalist calls for Palestinian -Israeli agreement that 'will last for a long time'

  6. 'This Burning Land'

    Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin and her husband Greg Myre discuss their new book

  7. Israel Offers Conditional Settlement Freeze

    Netanyahu wants Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state

  8. Peace Broken in Jerusalem

    First bomb in seven years detonated in bus station

  9. Middle East Panel

    Mike Tobin and guests discuss Israeli settlements

  10. Do you agree with David?

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  11. History Lesson?

    Old Obama interviews could shed light on new administration's foreign policy plan

  12. Time to act?

    Col. Bill Cowan: It's all about Iran

  1. Roadblock to Peace?

    Will the restart of West Bank settlement construction cause a setback in talks?

  2. Eventful Day for Middle East

    All-Star panel responds to jumpstart of peace talks and Iran's nuclear progress

  3. Mideast Talks Threatened by Expiration of Settlement Freeze

    Israelis mark end of settlement freeze by beginning new construction deep in the West Bank

  4. Israel Waits for Mideast Uncertainty to Pass

    Rockets fly in from Gaza as protests rage in Arab countries

  5. Time to Scale Back?

    Palestinian negotiator on Israel's actions in Gaza

  6. Siding With Hamas ?

    Terrorism expert blasts The New York Times' reporting on terror group

  7. Heated Debate

    Palestinian legal adviser defends Hamas

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