Dad Remorseful After Killing Daughter's Molester

A father from Shiner, Texas is remorseful after killing a man who allegedly molested his 4-year-old daughter.

According to the police, the child's father never meant to kill anyone but says he'd do anything to protect his baby.

"I think he got what he deserved," said Lewis Mcall, a resident who shared the same opinion many others did in this small town about the now deceased predator.

Sheriff Micah Harmon says the incident happened off County Road 302.  The girl's family was getting together for a Saturday afternoon barbeque.

The alleged predator had apparently been invited to help with the families horses and pasture in this very rural area.

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But when the 23-year-old father heard his daughter's cries for help, police say he found his 47-year-old acquaintance molesting his daughter.  With his bare hands, he put a stop to it.

"He told me that it wasn't his intent for this individual to lose his life; he was just protecting his daughter," Harmon said after talking with the child's dad who had also placed the first call to 911.

The suspect died at the scene and has still not been identified given his family hasn't been notified.  Investigators say they're all in Mexico so until then, they aren't able to release any new details.

Meanwhile, residents say it's a sad story that has everyone questioning how they'd react since all agreed they'd do anything to protect their kids.

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