Christian woman reportedly flogged for selling alcohol, violating Sharia law

Officials brought a 60-year-old Indonesian Christian onto a high platform and stood around her as one person whipped her with a cane -- all for selling alcohol in violation of Sharia law, local officials said Wednesday.

She was the first non-Muslim punished in such a way in Aceh province, the only region of Indonesia that operates under the strict Islamic law, AFP reports.

It's unclear how the woman was caught. She was whipped nearly 30 times before a couple accused of committing adultery was whipped 100 times.

A rule that passed last year now allows officials in that region to enforce Sharia law on non-Muslims, prosecutor Lili Suparli told AFP.

Indonesia's central government granted Aceh the right to implement a version of Shariah law in 2006 as part of a peace deal to end a separatist war. People convicted of adultery, gambling and consuming alcohol also face caning, as well as women wearing tight clothes and men who skip Friday prayers. Homosexuals could face up to 100 cane lashes or a maximum fine of 1,000 grams of fine gold or more than 8 years in prison.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.