Body of junta leader's son repatriated to Guinea

CONAKRY, Guinea (AP) — The body of the son of Guinea's strongman has arrived at the country's international airport, a day after it was taken to neighboring Burkina Faso to allow his father to pray over the casket.

Moriba Dadis Camara was found at the bottom of a swimming pool in Montreal, Canada. The 25-year-old was studying in the city.

Camara is the son of Capt. Moussa 'Dadis' Camara, the head of the junta that ruled Guinea for most of 2009 and who is in exile in Burkina Faso. Soldiers under Camara's control are accused of slaughtering hundreds of protesters that had gathered at the football stadium last Sept. 28 to demand an end to military rule.

On a popular news site, angry readers wrote that the son's death is justice for the crimes committed by the father's junta.