World War II Vet Finds Out He Is Not a U.S. Citizen

World War II veteran Leeland Davidson has been living in America for nearly 100 years, but he only just learned he is not in fact a U.S. citizen.

The 95-year-old's parents were born in the U.S., but they had him while in Canada. And the proper paperwork apparently was never filed to report Davidson as being born to Americans living abroad.

The place of his birth was never an issue throughout his life in the United States until he recently tried to get a driver’s license to visit relatives in Canada.

“We went up to get an enhanced driver’s license and they turned me down,” Davidson told

He said he had assumed that he already had been granted American citizenship as a child and was surprised to find out otherwise.

His daughter, Rose Schoolcroft, told the TV station, “if [her father] pursued it, he could possibly be deported or at risk of losing Social Security, so kind of scared everyone.”

Davidson said he had inquired about his citizenship when he joined the Navy in the 1940s, but an attorney reassured him about his status. He has since been given an application for citizenship, but he doesn't think he needs to prove he's American after so many years.

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World War II Vet Learns He's Not a U.S. Citizen: