Woman Calls For Toilet Seat Parts, Gets Private Parts

When a Virginia woman called an 800-number in search for missing toilet seat parts, she was greeted by a recorded, sultry voice on the other end that whispered, “Hey there sexy guy” and finished by offering a “nasty girl who’ll give you anything you want for just $2.99 a minute.”

Well, does she have a new toilet seat cover for that price?

Either way, Debbie Attard expressed outrage after dialing the phone number listed on the instruction brochure and being connected to a sex line, reported WAVY.

"I couldn't believe it,” she said. “I had called it like five or six times to make sure I didn't dial it wrong.”

Attard had been helping her son and his wife move into their new mobile home in Isle of Wright, Va.

The place was a “fixer upper” but that day, they were focusing on their bathroom. They had purchased the toilet from Lowe’s, and Attard was under the assumption that some parts were missing. So, she dialed the number she assumed was for customer service.

However, the number appeared to be for customers seeking an entirely different service.

“I was appalled,” she said.

The toilet is a Lowe's brand toilet. A company employee told the station that they are asking the vendor to look into the situation.

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