Wife of Fla. Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein sentenced to 18 months in prison for hiding jewels

The wife of convicted Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for trying to hide $1 million in jewelry from federal agents.

A Fort Lauderdale federal judge imposed the sentence Tuesday on 39-year-old Kim Rothstein. She had faced a maximum of five years behind bars, but prosecutors asked for leniency because of her cooperation. Her defense lawyer says Scott Rothstein bears some blame for his wife's attempt to sell jewelry investigators sought to confiscate.

Kim Rothstein, her civil lawyer and a friend all pleaded guilty to conspiracy in trying to conceal the jewelry.

Scott Rothstein is serving a 50-year prison sentence for operating a $1.2 billion fraud involving investments in fake legal settlements. Kim Rothstein's attorney says in court papers she has recently filed for divorce.