Utah woman finds severed snake head in can of green beans

A Utah woman received a startling surprise when she found a severed snake head in a can of green beans on Wednesday.

The discovery was made at a Mormon church in Farmington, Utah, while women and youth were preparing a meal for older members of the congregation. The find has led an Oregon food distribution company to halt further shipments of the green beans.

Troy Walker told KSL-TV in Salt Lake City she was taking beans out of a slow cooker when she spotted something out of place.

"It looked pretty much like a burnt bean, and then as I got closer to lift it off the spoon, I saw eyes," Walker said. "That's when I just dropped it and screamed."

Chris Smith, who was also cooking at the church, told the Associated Press it was a very small snake head that had clearly been cut up and when the kids came to see it, they threw out several other large pots of string beans that were also cooking before looking inside.

"Who knows where the other parts of that snake were?" Smith told the AP Friday.

Walker said she took the snake head and empty can back to the grocery store where she bought the food. She took a picture of the snake head to send to Western Family, an Oregon-based food distribution company whose label was on the can.

Sharon McFadden, vice president of quality control for Western Family, said that the company takes the matter seriously and is working with the supplier that produced the green beans to find out what happened and how many cans came from the batch.

McFadden said shipments of canned green beans from the batch that came from this specific supplier are on hold. McFadden declined to disclose the supplier, saying only that it's based in the Pacific Northwest.

The company is investigating where cans from the batch were shipped. Once the cans are located, they will be taken off the shelves, McFadden said.

Walker said she couldn't eat the next day because she was queasy but that she's not mad. She just hopes nobody else finds other parts of the snake in their canned green beans.

She said she's trying to have a sense of humor about events that are already becoming a fun little story for her and others. Youth leaders from her church helping prepare the meals thought the snake head was "kind of cool and fun," Walker said.

She's hosting a family dinner this weekend, and had to be clear in her texts about what will be on the menu.

"I said, 'I promise I am not going to serve green beans. We are not having green beans,'" Walker said with a laugh.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.