Texas student brings gun to Houston school, sparking lockdown, police say

A school in the nation's fourth-largest city was placed on lockdown Thursday after a student was caught with a gun in his hoodie, according to police.

The Houston Police Department said in a series of tweets a security officer at the Houston Can Academy's Hobby campus found a revolver in the male student's hoodie as he was screened before entering the school. It was not immediately known if the gun was loaded.

The student then ran from the scene, causing school officials to place the building on lockdown.

"As a precaution, the school was placed on lockdown," Houston Police said. "Our officers searched the area for the student."

Authorities were able to eventually detain a suspect, who is being questioned. No injuries were reported as a result of the incident, police added.


Students who were in the school at the time were quickly ushered into classrooms as an announcement was made over the facility's loudspeakers.

"As soon as I was walking into my first period, they just rushed us into a classroom. They didn't tell us what was going on or anything," Alejandra Mosso told ABC 13.

School officials told FOX 26 Houston in a statement the student was enrolled in the school two weeks ago, and the incident is "now in the hands of Houston Police Department."

"During the daily routine for entering students onto the campus, our campus security officer discovered and confiscated the weapon," the statement said. "Due to the swift response of our security staff, students and staff were not in any immediate danger."

School officials said the facility's security process "worked this morning, keeping all students and staff safe," adding that the "safety of the students is always our top priority."x

The incident happened one day after a former student killed 17 people at a high school in South Florida.