A Texas man has been charged with improper photography after allegedly hiding a webcam in his ex-wife's bedroom to take nude photos of her.

Manuel Tovar, 42, was not in police custody as of Monday afternoon, KHOU-TV reported.

His ex-wife asked a neighbor to fix an air conditioner in the attic of her Houston home on March 23, according to court documents. The neighbor found a laptop computer with a USB cable leading to a camera hidden in the ceiling of the woman's bedroom.

The ex-wife recognized the computer as Tovar's, and found several photos of her dating back to July 2011 -- some of them showing her undressed -- in a photo folder.

When she called Tovar to confront him, KHOU reported, he admitted to hiding the camera because he wanted to see her nude.

She recorded the phone call, and charges were filed against Tovar on May 31.

Tovar's bond will be set at $2,000 when he is arrested, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The couple wed in 1991 and divorced in 2003.