Police in West Melbourne arrested a man after he texted an on-duty police officer by mistake, allegedly to set up a drug deal.

Veteran police officer Harvey Whitney said he received a text from an unknown number asking him if he wanted to buy "bud," or marijuana.

"'Is this a joke?' was my first actual thought," said Officer Whitney.

He says he later learned it was real text from a man later identified as 20-year-old Hasan Burke. Palm Bay Police took Burke into custody when he showed up at a designated meeting spot, as he was walking a dog on Cutlass Street in Palm Bay.


Police say they found 16 grams of marijuana in Burke's pocket. Officer Whitney says he told the suspect he texted the wrong number.

"You could see by his own body language and his expression that he was like 'Wow, I just did this!'" said Whitney.

Burke is charged him with drug possession with intent to sell, a felony in Florida.