Stranded residents: We regret riding out Hurricane Matthew

Some residents who refused to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Matthew are asking themselves: Why did I stay?

Many living on barrier islands and in low-lying areas found themselves cut off by Friday morning, with the worst of the hurricane still bearing down on them, said Brevard County Emergency Operations spokesman David Waters.

"A family called in that the roof just flew off their home on Merritt Island," Waters said.

Mandatory evacuation orders were issued for 90,000 people living on barrier islands and in mobile homes and low-lying areas.

Waters says he has talked to other families who have said things like, "We're scared. We wish we hadn't stayed."

He said those people will have to stay put for now and do the best they can until conditions improve and paramedics and firefighters can be dispatched to help them.

Along with about 100,000 power outages, the water supply to the barrier islands in the Cape Canaveral area was cut off to avoid compounding the storm flooding if the system was damaged.


Kay reported from Miami.