South Korean adoptee who had abusive parents, went through US foster care faces deportation

A 39-year-old man who was adopted from South Korea as a boy but was never naturalized as a U.S. citizen by his parents is facing deportation.

Adam Crapser came to the U.S. with his sister more than three decades ago, but they were later abandoned by their American parents, sent into foster care and separated.

The girl was adopted and became a citizen, while Crapser ended up living with a couple who was abusive and didn't apply for citizenship for him. Crapser has struggled with homelessness and joblessness.

Federal immigration officials say they his criminal convictions, including burglary and assault, make him deportable under immigration law, but they were not aware of his adoption history.

U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Oregon, is proposing an automatic citizenship bill for adoptees like Crapser.