Sorority Sisters at Michigan University Claim They Are Being Stalked

Some sorority sisters at an Eastern Michigan University claim they are being stalked, reports.

The college women told the station that a suspicious man has been lurking near their off-campus home in recent days.

"When you see a strange man in your yard or looking at you in your window, your first thought is that you're in danger," one woman said in an interview with the station.

The Eastern Michigan University students, who declined to give their identities, live in a house just steps away from the school's campus.

The said they noticed a man standing in the back of their house about a month ago, and alerted campus police.

"He was looking in girls' windows, trying to get our attention," another sorority sister said.

Another young woman is claiming she saw the man wearing a ski mask.

Police are investigating the women's report. No suspects or persons of interest have been identified.

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