Soldier arrested in attack on pregnant Army wife as she chatted via app with husband overseas

A pregnant Army wife was attacked in her Texas home this week while she was chatting on her phone via a video conferencing app with her soldier husband, deployed by the military half a world away. reports Pvt. Justin Poole, stationed in southwest Asia, heard not only Rachel Poole’s panicked screams as she was beaten and stabbed multiple times, but heard his wife name the assailant.

The attack reportedly took place inside the Pooles’ El Paso home, while 31-year-old Rachel Poole was speaking to her husband via FaceTime.

In the aftermath, Justin Poole quickly took to Facebook and posted a message about the attacker, as well as phoned Corey Bernard Moss’ colleagues at Fort Bliss, where he apparently knew Moss was training to be a soldier.

"If u are seeing this message find out what f---g hospital my wife is in and tell me the f---g whereabouts of Corey Moss,” Justin Poole reportedly wrote on his Facebook account. “He f---g went to my house while I'm deployed and stabbed”

Moss, 19, was soon apprehended upon his return to the base, and is now being held in lieu of $150,000 bond on attempted murder charges, according to

Following the attack, a battered Rachel Poole reportedly phoned 911.  She was taken to an area hospital and remains in critical condition for stab wounds, fractures to her face and body and a collapsed lung. also reports doctors performed a cesarean section on Rachel Poole to deliver a baby girl.  Poole’s mother, Rebecca Jones, has declined to elaborate on her daughter’s condition, but told the website the baby girl, “is in good health.”

Justin Poole has reportedly returned to El Paso from overseas, and recently posted pictures of himself and the newborn on his Facebook page, writing, "Rachel Poole is fighting to beat this."

Meanwhile, KFOX14 reports Moss broke into the Poole’s home through the back door and, finding no one home, waited in hiding until Rachel Poole arrived home.

The station also cites neighbors in reporting Justin Poole allowed Moss to borrow his car during his deployment and that Moss had somehow damaged the vehicle in the days prior to the vicious attack, and subsequently went to the home to confront Rachel Poole over the money he owed for repairs.

The station also reports Poole has – of late -- expressed a mixture of hope and outrage over the situation on Facebook.

“She is strong responding Isabella is still alive as well,” Poole writes. “Will update Facebook on what exactly happened and is still happening. As well as the surgeries needed when I get back to the states. P---d off is an understatement. I promised to give my life for this freedom not the other way around. I failed her, but never again.”

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