A Georgia man charged with murder reportedly posted a video of the killing on the social media app Snapchat before he was detained by police.

Talon Lowery, 19, has been accused in the death of Bryan Ramirez, 18, after police in Hall County received information that the suspect filmed the shooting on Snapchat and sent the video to people in the area, Fox 5 News reported.

Authorities said Lowery drove his truck on Thursday into the Texaco gas station where Ramirez was working and shot him in the back with a rifle.

Police were investigating the crime scene when they received a report from a nearby county investigator alerting them to the video, which Lowery reportedly sent to his former classmates and friends.

"While police was on the scene, a White County investigator contacted us to let us know his daughter had received a Snapchat video of Ramirez's murder," Hall County Sheriff’s Deputy Stephen Wilbanks told Fox 5. "To put up something like this on social media, then to distribute it is unusual.”

Authorities then reportedly went to Lowery’s home, where they found him and the murder weapon,according to Fox5 News. Wilbanks said they do not believe the suspect and the victim knew each other, but are still looking into the crime.


"It's pretty heartbreaking, especially knowing someone and then waking up to find out he's been shot outside of work it's crazy," Kevin Rail, who received the video, said.

Houston Wills, who also watched the video on Snapchat, said, "It's awful. Who would take someone's life, then record it and send it out?"

Lowery was taken to Hall County Jail and charged with murder, Fox 5 News said.