Smugglers hit snag when jeep gets caught on border fence

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Two would-be smugglers attempting to drive into Arizona from Mexico hit a roadblock when their jeep got stuck on the border fence just after midnight Tuesday.

U.S. Border Patrol agents from Yuma Sector's Yuma station foiled the smuggling attempt when agents came across a silver Jeep Cherokee that had become "high centered" at the top of a make-shift ramp.

Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Enrique Zarate told that agents have seen this type of activity in the Yuma Sector before, but that it is one of the more creative attempts. "We've also seen attempted smugglers trying to ramp over the Normandy barrier using sandbags to build a bridge," Zarate said.

The two suspects fled into Mexico just as agents patrolling the Imperial Sand Dunes area arrived at the scene. The incident is currently under investigation and any more details on the suspects was not immediately available.

U.S. Border Patrol seized both the Jeep and ramp equipment after removing the car from the approximately 14-foot-high fence.

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    According to Zarate, Jeeps have been known to smuggle anything from narcotics to humans near the Yuma Sector. He said at this time it is not clear what the Jeep was carrying, but that "anything that fits would be fair game for smuggling purposes."

    "We [U.S. Border Patrol] want to let the American public know that this isn't the first smuggling attempt we've stopped, and that we are out here 24/7 making sure the American border is secure," Zarate said.